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Anita Bistrin Library Media Specialist

Golden Dragon Winners

Our Dragon Winners so far......2022-23

A 5 ......Mrs Rogers

C 22 ....Ms. Porter














What's happening this week?

Ms. B's Library Buzz

Radcliff  Readers....

Listen to a read aloud from a book we read in the library......

Monday September 19th ......Read Aloud # 1


Our Mural outside the Library is finally done and looks amazing!!

Many students from RAP helped with the art work.

Thank you Paul for making our school look so bright and cheerful.

Library Mural (Dragon Reading)
Library Mural (Cat in the Hat)
Library Mural (Shark)
Students Painting the Library Mural
Student Painting the Library Mural
Students Painting the Library Mural
Student Painting the Library Mural
Students Painting the Library Mural

Coming Book Fair Nov 18 - 22

Click on the link to learn about E-Wallet and Book Fair schedule.

Click on the Book Fair flyer to see videos of upcoming books from the Book Fair!!

BabyMouse Authors coming to Radcliff

October 8th authors Jennifer and Mathew Holm will be coming to Radcliff to present an assembly for our entire school.

They are the authors/illustrators of BabyMouse and Squish books.

They will be talking about their first picture book - "The Evil Princess vs The Brave Knight."  Remember if you want to get your own signed copy fill out the order form that was sent home or come to the library and see Ms. B

Book cover


Over the summer you have a challenge should you choose to accept it????

After reading "Rufus the Writer" where Rufus writes stories to trade for special items from his friends,  you have been challenged to fins an "object" and write a story about it.  You can write up to 3 stories.  For each story turned in to the Library during the first week of school you will get a prize!

                                       HAPPY WRITING





And the Winners are...

The Bear and the Piano             Emmanuel s Dream       The War That Saved My Life


Through the Holiday Book Drive Book Shop was able to donate all these books to our Library.  Come check them out!

Thank you Book Shop Santa Cruz

California Young Reader Medal

And the Nominees for K-3 are.......

frog alligator bruce

piano samson

Nominees for 4-5 are......

separate wonder emmanuel

We will all be reading these together
during Library visits!

If you would like a challenge then 4th & 5th graders can read the
chapter book nominees independently - they are........

fish war crenshaw

Happy Reading!!

                                          BOOK FAIR UPDATE

We had a great Book Fair this year!

Thanks to all the parents who bought books for our classrooms!

The Library bought over $500 worth of books for classrooms, over $150 of books for the Library and put over $1000 into our author visit account!!

Well done Radcliff.


Book Fair

Browse the Book Fair flyer - see videos of books you might like to buy!

Click on the flyer then on the arrows to open videos.

Book Fair is Coming Nov 5 -9 Everyday Open Until 3:30


                        Book Fair is Coming!

Remember to get a pass from yard duty to come in at lunch recess!


          WHAT A GREAT VISIT!!

  Yuyi Morales said she had a "Wonderful" time at Radcliff and loved meeting all our students.

Yuyi Morales with students
Yuyi Morales
Yuyi Morales with students



Yuyi Morales Flyer

             Yuyi Morales will be here Thursday October 4th.

            The assembly will be in the cafeteria from 1:30 - 2:15

Watch Yuyi talk about her book and what some of the images in the book mean.

Youth Reader Medal




             K-3 CHOICES

     Gaston  Night Animals  The Snatchabook

   If You Plant a Seed   The Book With No Pictures

          4 &5  CHOICES

Barbed Wire Baseball   Noisy Paint Box  The Right Word

Find out the Radcliff Winners after Spring Break!


They made it out!!

After solving puzzles, hunting for books and unlocking locks ALL the 4th and 5th graders made it out of the Library!

              WELL DONE

Students Breaking Out - Breakout EDU
Students Breaking Out - Breakout EDU
Students Breaking Out - Breakout EDU
Students Breaking Out - Breakout EDU
Students Breaking Out - Breakout EDU

4th and 5th graders Locked in the Library!!!

All 4th and 5th grades have been reading Escape from Mr.Lemoncello's Library.

Now they will have to use what they have read to help them escape from the Radcliff Library!!                           
                           Mr. Lemoncello s Library
Next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday our 4th and 5th graders will be locked in the Library.

They are using the Breakout Expeditions.  They will have to solve puzzles and clues to find their way out of the Library.


Once again Book Shop Santa Cruz has done something wonderful for our school!

All of these beautiful books were donated by BSSC customers to our school Library.

We are hoping to collect as many Thank you cards as possible to send to them.Bookshop Santa Cruz Donation

Dav Pilkey Presentation

                  Anita and Captain Underpants  
                        Radcliff students and Dogman

                Radcliff students

                        We had a FANTASTIC time:

A LIBRARY FIELD TRIP for 3-5th grades??

YEP...... 3-5th graders will be given ALL the information this week during your Library visit.

I know you will all be VERY excited!!

See you this week back in the Library.



Mac Barnett and Brian Biggs were so much fun!!

Welcome Mac and Brian

What a great afternoon spent with our visitors.

Thank you to JP and Vivianna for welcoming them onto campus.

Mac and Brian assembly

What was your favorite part of the assembly?

Thank you to Ms. Bartolomei for all the beautiful posters!

Birthday Books From Coco

Our first birthday book giveaway was Monday....we had 104 students with birthdays in July and August!!

It was a very exciting morning, even the newspaper came to take photographs.

         Birthday Book Giveaway from Coco                              Birthday Book Giveaway from Coco
Our next giveaway will be Oct 24th for Oct/Nov birthdays

Who remembers Bruce Hale???


Bruce Hale is the author of the Clark the Shark books and the Underwhere chapter books that all of you love so much!  Bruce came to visit Radcliff school in 2014.

He was so impressed with our students that his newest Clark the Shark book is dedicated to the "cool students of Radcliff Elementary!"

How awesome is that!!!   


    I Can Read!                                 


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